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Our traditional hearty vegetable soup with flavorful Mexican meatballs. Cup 6 Bowl 12

Aztec Tortilla (served Tue – Fri)

Thin stripes of fried tortillas in our tomato-chipotle-chicken broth topped with cheese and garnished with a touch of fresh guacamole and sour cream. Cup 6 Bowl 12 (Add chicken for $3).

Caldo de Pescado

Traditional Mexican fish and vegetable soup with your choice of fish or shrimp (or both). Served mild or spicy. Prepared to the order. Fish 17 Shrimp 20   Fish & Shrimp 20

Weekend Soup Specials

Pozole Rojo (served only on Saturday)

A rich and flavorful tomato, herb and chile broth with hominy and full, flavorful pieces of white chicken breast.

Cup 7 Bowl 14

Pozole Verde (served only on Sunday)

Our classic tangy, green herb sauce with hominy and full flavorful pieces of pork. Cup 7 Bowl 14


All salads are served with our home-made specialty dressings:

Spicy Ranch, Mexican Vinaigrette, or Chipotle-Ginger Vinaigrette

Mexican Chef Salad

Grilled chicken, fish or carnitas served over fresh garden salad and topped with cilantro, cheese, guacamole and our home-made Mexican ranch dressing. 18 (shrimp, steak, grilled fish or fish fajitas +3)

Cuauctemoc Salad

Fresh cooked cactus, grilled chicken or carnitas on top of a bed of crisp garden salad. Topped with chunks of avocado, cheese, cilantro, onions and tomatoes. 18 (shrimp, steak, grilled fish or fish fajitas +3)

Olamendi's Canastita

A deep bowl of beans and rice with your choice of beef, carnitas, chicken or vegetarian and topped with crisp lettuce, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream. 16 (shrimp, steak add 3)

House Salad

Fresh garden salad with carrots, bell peppers and zucchini. 9 Add grilled chicken for 3.